Corporate Social Responsibility

As a travel retail operator serving hundreds of thousands of passengers every day, we must adapt the way we do business in order to contribute to building a more sustainable industry.

In 2019, we have launched PEPS (Planet.Ethics.People.Social), a four-pillar, results-driven CSR strategy aligned to global stakes the travel retail industry is facing.

This PEPS program is at the heart of our strategy and decision-making.


We are committed to reduce our environmental footprint and increase the sustainability of our operations.


To reduce our environmental footprint and increase the sustainability of our operations, we are committed to:

  • Ban non reusable plastics consumables in all group concepts by 2025
  • Reduce energy consumption in all stores
  • Reduce food waste by 50% by 2025
  • Develop local food and products in all restaurants and stores

For example, in 2019 we implemented biodegradable packaging across our Food Service stores, beginning with Sydney. The packaging includes plastic cups, cutlery, napkins and boxes.



We are acting responsibly and with the utmost reliability for the benefit of our people, clients and partners.


In order to demonstrate the highest ethical standards, we are committed to:

  • Develop responsible products in our stores & restaurants (e.g. our global commitment to use 100% cage-free eggs by 2025, which we achieved in the Pacific in 2018)
  • Implement an anti-bribery mechanism in all our subsidiaries by 2022
  • Ensure the data protection of our customers and employees

For example, we are supporting local economies and local producers to scale up their operations and introduce their products into our stores.



Our people and culture are our biggest strengths.


We want to be recognized as the most attractive employer in the travel retail industry. To achieve this, we are committed to:

  •  Improve gender mix (40/60%) in Executive Committees recruitments
  •  Measure employee engagement once a year in all our subsidiaries
  •  Boost and support internal mobility and promotion
  •  Improve our compensation policies in line with company performance
  •  Ensure security and well-being at work

For example, in the Pacific we have introduced dedicated feedback forums and opportunities for all team members, in store and in our offices to feel connected to our business strategy and activities. 



We want to be involved in the communities where we operate and support causes we care about through donations and volunteering.


We encourage and facilitate volunteering and leverage our network to make donations to the charities and causes we support. In the Pacific this looks like: 

  • Donation boxes - prominently placed in all AU and NZ stores and our two support offices all year round to raise funds for our corporate charity partner; CanTeen
  • Employee Engagement - We get our team involved with by organising activities including raffles, staff sales, morning teas and fun runs for a range of causes.
  • Volunteering - all office staff have one day of leave per year to use on a volunteering activity of their choosing.  




CSR at Lagardère in 2019-2020

CSR at Lagardère in 2019-2020
PEPS Strategy